Nouvelle formule pour ce B2B qui devait avoir lieu le 27 mai prochain à Gand dans le but de construire des partenariats pour le dépôt de projets Eurostars. La date du 27 mai est maintenue pour des B2B virtuels tandis que les rencontres physiques sont reportées au 9 septembre prochain toujours à Gand.

In the context of the Eurostars Calls (next cut-off deadline is 3 September 2020), the Enterprise Europe Network and the public funding agencies from Belgium, the Netherlands and Nordrhein-Westfalen (Germany) are organising the Eurostars Life Sciences matchmaking event.

To help interested parties in finding international partners (companies, universities, research institutes) with complementary expertise to set up a Eurostars project, a two-fold matchmaking event is organised in the domain of Life Sciences, including health, biotech, medtech and agrotech:

1) On 27th May 2020, online B2B meetings will be facilitated through the b2match platform to allow companies to find partners for the next Eurostars call in September.

2) On 9th September 2020, the physical matchmaking event will take place in Ghent, Belgium. Participants will then have the opportunity to learn about the latest services and funding opportunities offered to SME’s for cross-border research projects by the Eurostars and Interreg programmes and how to set up an international project. In addition, the agenda will include pitch and matchmaking sessions for companies who want to submit a proposal in 2021.

Participants of the virtual matchmaking session on 27th May are also invited to attend the full Eurostars Life Sciences matchmaking event on 9th September 2020 in Ghent!

This event is targeting companies and researchers active or interested in Life Sciences. Participants can apply to present their project idea, request or expertise via a short pitch on 9 September 2020. This offers you an excellent opportunity to find potential international partners (companies, universities, research institutions) for setting up joint research projects.

For more details please check the event website:

The Eurostars Life Sciences matchmaking event is free of charge, but registration in advance with a full profile and marketplace description is necessary!

The physical event takes place on the day before the Knowledge for Growth conference, one of the largest conferences in Europe in the domain of Life Sciences. By scheduling the Eurostars event adjacent to this conference, participants will have the opportunity to attend several interesting presentations in the life sciences sector and network further with companies and research institutes active in the field.

Participants of the matchmaking can enjoy the Knowledge for Growth conference at a reduced price (40% discount on the general registration fee).

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.